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We are a team of talented designers and developers who create the great solution for printing & graphic design.

Our Products

These are the products we have worked hard to build over the years.

About Us

Krarks is a technology company based in Vietnam that specializes in creating the powerful web-to-print solution with a product mockup simulator. It also offers a range of features:

  • WordPress plugin that allows users to create designs in their editor.
  • Library of templates and elements with an API that is accessible to everyone.
  • The online editor with a rich library of design tools that allows users to create and print their designs online.
With these solutions, businesses can streamline their design process and quickly create professional-looking designs that are ready to print.

In addition, we offer a variety of solutions, including a WordPress plugin for data management, a product mockup tool, and a photo editor tool.

Our aim is to develop technology products that empower individuals to innovate and create things on their own.

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We focus on data storage based on graphic design & printing solution.

  • 01 What are we doing?

    We are creating an API system that contains a library of images and designs to provide customers with flexibility to use. In addition, we provide solutions to store and transmit - receive data in real time.

  • You can use it directly on the website, install the Wordpress plugin or program yourself to receive the API from our server.

  • Yes, most of our service is free, only some limited versions will charge to integrate some advanced features.


Percenteage of users

There are so many kinds of users who use our platform, this is the stats for the main users' percentage..

Printers 4%
Designers 34%
Marketers 49%
Business Owners 13%


Our company specializes in providing innovative solutions for two key areas of modern business: data sharing and online graphic design software.

API Library

Our powerful design element library enables printing houses and designers to save both time and money when storing their design assets.

Wordpress Plugin

With the integration of a super light plugin, our platform offers a smart graphic design editor that comes equipped with thousands of templates.

Online Editor

You can save money by using our online editing and file storage services, which offer affordable pricing and unlimited storage for your files and documents.

Cloud Data

Sharing information across multiple platforms, devices, and locations, enabling them to work more efficiently and effectively than ever before.



If you have any ideas to cooperate or just want to contact us about the opportunity to work together, please not hesitate to contact us.


All the screenshots of our works are posted here.

  • All
  • Editor
  • Simulator
  • Storage
  • Wordpress
  • Data Provider

App 1


Web 3


App 2


Card 2


Web 2


App 3


Card 1


Card 3


Web 3



As youthful individuals, we possess a keen eagerness to undertake new ventures, rectify errors, and persistently expand our skillsets.

Tade Truong


Never stop finding out something new.

Tina Tran


Learning at all times.

Kevin Do

DevOps Engineer

Automation is my goal.

Liam Pham


I'm keen on innovation.

Product Pricing

Our criteria is free. However, some products need funding to develop. Here are some price suggestions.

Elements API

$9per month

  • Get Free options +
  • API library
  • Build own library
  • High speed download
  • Upgrade + Support
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Customize Editor

$49+per month

  • API Library
  • Customize Editor for Identity
  • Custom your own project
  • Personalize tools
  • Upgrade + Support
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Please contact us if you want to customize everything!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you? Let read 5 anwsers or discover more here

  • What is Krarks API Library?

    Krarks API Library is designed specifically for the graphic design industry. We provide a rich library that users can use anywhere in any platform by selecting our tools or their own programs.

  • We provide a cross-platform online graphic design software that includes a graphic editor that supports powerful graphic design. Users can use this editor to design anything they like in the field of graphic design and advertising communication. It's like traditional graphics software, but designed to be used online and on any device.

  • We also provide a free storage and transmission service. Anyone can receive officially provided information from our data system and can store it in everyone's online drive.

  • We serve the design, advertising and media industries. Therefore, the main users are designers, marketers... but we also serve other customers such as bloggers, business owners... because they also have the need for design, information storage and website content making.

  • We don't have to give everything for free, we have projects that charge and we operate on the profits from those projects.


Please contact us via email, phone call, in person or fill some information here.


60 Tran Van Khanh, District 7, HCMC, VN


+84 909 64 7070