Krarks strives to produce superior quality products. We have meticulously filtered and tracked the following items throughout the years:

WordPress Plugin

Since 2018, we have been developing a plugin for WordPress, the platform that dedicated to graphic design. Our platform offers an extensive library of diverse graphic design templates tailored to the media and advertising industry.

We offer two distinct methods for assisting our customers in utilizing our product. The first is through online design software accessible on our website. The second method involves the installation of a WordPress plugin, which is directly installed on the host of each individual user.

In particular, all services at the plugin are completely free (both on WordPress and website).

Nhà in online is a comprehensive printing platform that comprises an editor and a hub for connecting printers to obtain templates for printing.

The platform has been developed to cater to the diverse needs of customers in Vietnam. Consequently, it has been branded with a Vietnamese name, which is deemed the most appropriate for its intended audience.

Senviet Art

Senviet.Art is a website that was established in 2005, during the nascent stages of Krark’s inception. It serves as a platform where we showcase our expertise in graphic design and website programming, as evidenced by the products we developed for our clients during the period spanning 2005 to 2010.

Over the subsequent years, Senviet.Art evolved into a platform for disseminating information and graphic data, with a particular focus on the logo files of Vietnamese brands.

Currently, Senviet.Art is still the place that receives high traffic from users throughout Vietnam.


The act of sharing and storing data on digital platforms has become a ubiquitous practice among internet users. Consequently, we have developed a sophisticated data storage and transmission system, comprising an API-based news distribution mechanism and a cloud-based graphical data storage system.

Our unique hosting service is exclusively devoted to graphical data and specializes in disseminating expert knowledge.

In addition, we offer unmatched affordability that sets us apart from other service providers.

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