Printior WordPress Plugin

What is Printior?

From 2018, we developed a WordPress plugin that helps people design within their writing editor. The plugin had a lot of downloads and we got so many emails from customers and developers.

In 2023, we work with Printior LLC to develop the plugin up to a higher level.

The Printior plugin was developed for WordPress with the purpose of providing users with the ability to create 2D graphics directly within the WordPress platform.

In addition to its WordPress plugin, Printior offers a standalone web-based platform where users can register, design graphics online, and place print orders directly through the website.

Who does Printior serve?

Plugins help users for the following purposes:
1. Bloggers/Marketers: Printior is a useful tool for bloggers and marketers who wish to create print graphics or images for their online content, including website banners, social media posts on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, as well as banners for YouTube, TikTok, and more.
2. Designers: With Printior, graphic designers have the ability to design and sell their products directly on the WordPress platform, in conjunction with the Woocommerce plugin.
3. Printers: Printior can be utilized by printers to assist their customers in designing their own products and placing print orders via the website’s integrated design tools and shopping cart.
4. Enterprise: Printior is a useful tool for business owners to maintain their brand identity, store integrated files, and share them with employees and other member companies in order to synchronize the company’s logo and identity system.

In summary, Printior serves as an image management, design, and file support tool, facilitating print orders on the WordPress platform.

Uses of Printior?

For bloggers/marketers

a. Writing blog: The primary aim of installing Printior on a WordPress website is to facilitate blogging. Bloggers and marketers can conveniently create website banners and illustrations directly on the WordPress editor..
b. Social network posting: Printior simplifies the process of designing social media posts with its user-friendly design program featuring thousands of pre-made templates. As a result, users can easily upload images to their social networks.
c. Printing management: Printior is a viable option for companies looking to print products for direct communication with their users through paper publications. Marketing staff can effortlessly manage advertising design files or important documents for printing using the system’s file upload section. This feature enables them to preserve, redesign, or reprint the product with ease.

For designers

a. Online designing: Using the Printior design software, graphic designers can create products directly on WordPress. The software offers built-in design components and a pre-designed pattern system as a foundation, providing designers with the tools they need to unleash their creativity.
b. Templates sharing: Designers have the ability to distribute their products among their clients using Printior. Additionally, their customers can make edits to the designs themselves using the software’s editing feature.
c. Selling the design: Designers can install additional add-ons to sell their products, which can increase their income by allowing them to distribute their designs to other users. Once downloaded, the file represents the finished product, and the designer has the ability to set the product price.

For printers

Printers can use the plugin to manage their designs, distribute them to users and receive print orders on the website they create by combining with the Woocommerce plugin.

For enterprises

Printior is a valuable tool for business owners to design their brand identity, manage files, and share them with company members or design/marketing departments. This ensures that the brand identity system is used consistently and cohesively throughout the organization.

Printior Pricing

Printior, like other WordPress plugins, is available in two packages: Free and Paid. Customers can use the Free plan for free for life. The Premium plan is priced at $1 per month, and the Luxury plan is priced at $5 per month, with automatic monthly renewal. Users have the flexibility to switch between packages at any time.

Furthermore, Printior offers various add-ons to support product use based on specific purposes. These add-ons are available for free or with a fee.


Our criteria is free. However, some products need funding to develop. Here are some price suggestions.


$1per month

  • Get 500Mb storage
  • Unlimited elements & templates
  • Build your own library
  • Sharing to 10 members
  • Editor in Dashboard & Frontend
  • Addons Instant Download
  • Addons Print-on-Demand
  • 1$ for 1,000 Mb storage

Select Plan


$5per month

  • Get 5,000Mb storage
  • Unlimited elements & templates
  • Build your own library
  • Unlimited sharing
  • Editor in Dashboard & Frontend
  • Addons Instant Download
  • Addons Print-on-Demand
  • 1$ for 1,000 Mb storage

Select Plan

Please contact us, if you want to custom more!

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